The first dance song is personal to the bride and groom and songs for example like Forgettable Nat king Cole and At last Eta James some choices we have come across are better left to the original artist to be played on the day as live bands hire vocalist who may not be comfortable singing a style not suited to them.  But of course should you want your wedding band performing your first dance song live just pick one from their set list that the singer has already rehearsed and know it's suited to them also . 90% of first dance wedding songs with 1000s available are always played from a cd . But do remember the month after your wedding when your video is being edited you can drop in a different song if you change your mind again . It's not unusual for Brides to have a change of mind the night before the wedding to decide on a different song . Hence the idea of the cost getting the band to learn a song then it's dropped....also have you ever heard a man singing Whitney Houston I will always love you.... lol ..... how to murder a classic ... hope this helps ...


NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH it is worth pointing out that we had a couple called into a wedding to see and hear the band and they arrived in for 15 mins
just as the band where playing a requested waltz set that the bride wanted for her grandfather . The couple calling in never stayed to hear
the rest of the bands set  and took it we where an old time diddle e dee style of band . But we do cover loads of classics and we urge you to go deeper into the band to check us out
if you have not been lucky to see the full 2 hour set . Just thought we should point out what they told us and guess what they missed the date when they did
come back to hear the full show . Ah well do get to see what makes the band one of the top entertainment bands about .....Your words not ours ...Thanks for pointing  this out .

So its time to look for entertainment for your wedding day . The band of your choice means lots of dancing and one great party .  How about 6 of the most experienced people you can put into one band  ( IMPRESSIVE ) . Do come and hear THE LEE ROY BROWN BAND . This band have a track record of giving you the best entertainment you could expect from a professional band . The songs in the set list are all classics and from your 20 year old cousin to your 60 year old uncle this band will make it one day to remember . The management with in the band will make sure your day will be well taken care of and the bands 2 hour set will be filled with good professional delivery from 6 musicians that play their own instruments and vocals to match . Your entertainment can also include a professional Dj .  We have the best DJs onboard and these guys have completed lots of weddings with us and you can have input into the list they will play on the day    ( important ) . All you need do now is phone  00447783649536 or text . Should you want to mail click the mail address

So get your date booked as soon as you read this  .  Good luck-THE LEE ROY BROWN BAND .

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Thank you for calling into our site . Should you want to make an enquiry we have a one step no obligation approach to the questions you may ask to enter into an enquiry . We fill out an enquiry form ( you must ask us to hold the date for an agreed period This is temporary ) Next step is to put in writing to us to proceed with your booking You then will receive your confirmation by return post in the form of a contract ( This will then have all details and price etc . At this stage you have THE LEE ROY BROWN BOOKED if deposit is paid in full with in 4 weeks .  At no time until confirmed is the band booked or a fee set in stone . The contract will hold the agreed price for the band only . Should there be a disco agreed for supply at your cost this is an added note at the bottom of the contract . PLEASE NOTE IF YOU HAVE NOT CARRIED OUT THE ABOVE DONT TAKE IT THAT THE LEE ROY BROWN BAND IS BOOKED FOR YOU . Please do keep in touch all the way through the enquiry . The price on the enquiry form and on the contract is the final price you pay with nothing added before or on the day . Thank you for your understanding of the now standard way to book a professional band .