Questions that we have been asked and im sure this will help
you make up your mind and give you an insight into how professional

Q. We have reposted this question again as its worth mentioning . We play many weddings and if we took
     in all requested first dance songs we would never get onstage to play them with the work load it takes for a live band
     to learn all first dance songs . We think a lot of couples take their fav song and learn a dance
     to help them for the video and we prefer to play that cd song for them for both the video and the couple getting the song they want played . If you want us to play first dance we will let you pick one of the songs we do in our set ........ 

Q .. Im looking to know as im worried about our guests being pretty older than us will you play to suit . them also at our wedding .
A.. We do know what it takes to make sure everyone has a fantastic day and we do work to cover as many songs to include 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s and more up to date to include county jive etc . If you book our dj thats even better again as he will work with you also to cover requests before
your event .

Q . .We are getting married 2014 / 2015 . Is it important to book our band now .
A . Well the few larger live bands are in demand and if you speak to any
     you will find maybe 2 to 3 enquiries on the same date you are getting married .
     So get your band booked and that goes for 2019 2020 and 2021 as well . Bands work further ahead than most other wedding services as they play other events other than weddings also .

Q . How long does it take your band to set up at a wedding .
A . We have been asked this a few times and 35  mins at the most . Time enough for the hall to be cleared and top table taken of the stage .
Q . Why book a band your size for my wedding .
A . We all have went to weddings and if we think back the band is the most important part of the celebrations that we remember .

Q .  I phoned today and did not know bands book so far
       ahead and i now cant get you for my wedding .

A  .  Yes we are running 2017 / 2018 / 2019 and most couples book our band anything from a year to 2 years in advance

Q . How long do you play for .
A  . We play a lively 2 hour set .

Q . How long does it take your band to set up .
A  . We can set up in 35 mins if the stage is clear and doors are beside stage to the loading bay entrance

Q . Does your band have a dress code for a Corporate and  Wedding event .
A  . Yes we have a stage formal dress code as seen in the band photo's on our site .

Q . If i phone to check a date and tell you who i am is that me booked .
A  . No when we forward our address for details and deposit by post then your booked ( Not until then )
       We could have up to 3 requests on a single Friday or Saturday date in any year .

Q . Do you play a waltz set for  weddings and  for the older folk
A  . Yes we play a waltz set by request if asked for .

Q . Would you call up a singer if we ask  . Only one as a request for our wedding day
A  . Yes just tell us in advance who to call and we will request that singer up .
      Only on your permission .

Q . Can you back a singer live on the night if need be .
A  . Yes we can cover most standard songs for a singer .

Q . How many singers are in your band .
A  . We have 2 male and a female

Q . Do you all play your own instruments

Q . Would you go back on after the buffet if things did run late .
A  . Yes not a problem . We would go back on to finish our set should it run late  .

Q  . We have irish dancers .  Can they use your system to play their music to dance to .
A   . Irish dancer / singers we welcome all and will help to make their appearance success for you  .

Q . Why are you the talk at wedding fayres when brides ask about bands  .
      People say your the best value live band about .

A . Well suppose we have been told the same regarding value and having 6 people play live on stage .
     Thank you for that .

Q . Is the disco that you can supply to your package one of the band acting as DJ. 
A .  No we dont let any one of the band do your disco as we have a professional DJ on hand to do a
      fantastic job for you .

Q . Do you play a second gig after a wedding and if so would my wedding suffer if you
      had to leave for another venue .

A .  No we dont think that would work for us to take a later gig after a wedding on the same night .
      Impossible to keep both parties happy and both would suffer in performance and
      in completing a 2 hour set for both gigs .


Q . Some one told me never to book a band when im out for the night as they did and went back at a
      later date to hear them and what they had booked was not suitable and they had paid a deposit .

A . Well not for us to comment on but we have been approched at
      short notice to play a wedding based on this type of thing happening .
Q . I want to book your band for our wedding but can i make 2 payments
      for the deposit as we have a lot of deposits to pay out this month .

A . Yes we can split the deposit and work with you to confirm the date
      for you if your heart is set on booking this Premier Wedding Band .